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Dalry School Vision and Aims



The Glenkens Schools shared vision is that every young person who enters our schools, should have a healthy and achieving future based on core values of respect, responsibility and hard work in a rapidly changing world. Each of the schools has an individual identity in the primary sector and close working between the schools ensures commonality in developing core skills of Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Well Being, supported by a breadth of experiences that they can bring into the secondary phase of their education. The Schools believe that close working with parents/carers is an essential part of the successful manifestation of this vision.

All Schools are able to treat every young person as an individual and to ensure that individual learning needs are met. All young people should leave school knowing that they can learn anything they put their mind to and to have had the breadth of experience to recognise what they enjoy learning most.

Students should leave the Glenkens schools with personalities that the communities can take pride in and a set of achievements that open doors in the direction they want to take.


A consultation process took place to produce school aims that were relevant to pupils, parents/carers and staff. We began by considering the values that we felt were important. From there we looked to translate these into simple statements and as a result, we have five school aims.

  • to provide a safe, healthy, caring environment
  • to encourage respect and a sense of belonging within the school and wider community
  • to encourage pupils to take responsibility for their own behaviour and learning
  • to encourage success through hard work and ambition
  • to prepare our pupils with the skills and values needed for life