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Secondary Curriculum


General Overview

General Overview

(Each full school week has 6 periods per day, therefore 30 periods a week. In addition to these periods, pupils also receive a 20 minute Personal Support period once a week, achieved by reducing the period before and the period after the Personal Support period by ten minutes.)

S1 to S3 Broad General Education

Dalry Secondary School follows national guidelines and offers pupils a Broad General Education from S1 to S3 as per the Curriculum for Excellence.

Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) is bringing learning to life in the way education is delivered for all 3-18 year olds - in Nursery, Primary, Secondary, at college, workplace or community learning. It takes a fresh approach to what, how, and where young people learn. It aims to raise standards, improve knowledge and develop skills, closing the gap between the lowest and highest performers. Ultimately it aims to nurture young people as successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens.

Parents/Carers can develop a better understanding of Curriculum for Excellence and how they can become more involved in their child's learning through information contained in the following links:

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  • Pupils in S1 to S3 will have the:

  • Opportunity to develop skills for learning, gather information and broaden experience as much as possible - without the constraints of assessments for qualifications
  • Opportunity to identify what contexts are most interesting to them personally
  • Opportunity to develop the skills of making good choices for the future

  • Broad General Education in S1 and S2

    In S1 and S2 pupils study the same subjects as everyone else in S1 and S2.

    Broad General Education in S1 and S2

    Broad General Education in S3

    In S3, pupils continue progression in the core curriculum but with elements of choice to aid progression along personal pathways.

    Therefore before moving into S3 pupils have to make a choice in subjects. Pupils have to take English and Mathematics. Also following national guidelines and to maintain a 'broad general education' for Curriculum for Excellence the core subjects will include a Science subject, a Modern Language and a Social Subject.

    The subjects the pupils choose will determine which National courses they will study in S4.

    Broad General Education in S3

    Choices For S3 Booklet 2017/18 PDF

    S4 Senior Phase - National 4 & National 5

    Senior Phase S4

    Before moving on into S4, pupils have to make a further choice in regard to subjects they will continue to study. Pupils will continue to have to take English and Mathematics. In addition to these two subjects they will be able to choose four other subjects to continue to study at the level most appropriate to their individual stage of development.

    Subjects on offer at National 4 and National 5:

    Subjects on offer

    S4 Senior Phase

    Choices For Senior Phase Booklet 2017/18 PDF

    Senior Phase S5 & S6

    Pupils who wish to continue in full-time education transfer to Castle Douglas High School for S5/S6