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Parent Council

Our Parent Council was established in the Autumn of 1989 which serves the Nursery, Primary and Secondary departments.

The committee of the Parent Council consists, at the present time, of 8 Parent Members, 2 Staff Members and 3 Co-opted Member, as follows:

  • Chair Person – Mr Andrew Bielinski(Parent) - Email:
  • Treasurer – Mr David Finlay (Parent)
  • Clerk – tbc (Staff)
  • Miss Sarah Ade (Parent)
  • Dr Lorraine Ishak (Parent)
  • Mrs Anne McEwan (Parent)
  • Mrs Melinda McGaw (Parent)
  • Mr James McTurk (Parent)
  • Mrs Katy Nash (Parent)
  • Mrs Andrea Ramsay (Parent)
  • Co-opted – Mrs Jane Grimwood

The Head Teacher, though not a member of the Council, acts as the Council’s professional adviser and also consults the Council on a wide range of issues to do with the school. Meetings may also be attended by local councillor, George Prentice.

The Council meets on a regular basis, at least 4 times per year. Parents are informed beforehand of the dates of meetings and are given details of agendas. Copies of the minutes of meetings are available and parents will be informed of any changes to Office Bearers.

Members of our School Council play an active role in providing information for parents. Any communications to the School Council should be addressed to the Chairperson at Dalry School.

All current parents are members of the Parent Forum.

As a member of the Parent Forum, each parent can expect to:

  • Receive information about the school and its activities.
  • Hear about what partnership with parents’ means in our school.
  • Be invited to be involved in ways and times that suit you.
  • Identify issues you want the parent council to work on with the school.
  • Be asked your opinion by the parent council on issues relating to the school and education it provides.
  • Work in partnership with staff.
  • Enjoy taking part in school life in whatever way possible.

The types of things the Parent Council may get involved in include:

  • Supporting the work of the school.
  • Gathering and representing parents’ views to the Head teacher, Education Authority and Education Scotland.
  • Promoting contact between the school, parents, pupils and the local community.
  • Fundraising and organising events.
  • Reporting to the parent forum.
  • Being involved in the appointment of senior promoted staff.

Minutes of Parent Council Meeting 5th March 2015