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Friends of Dalry School (FODS) raises money for school funds and to provide ‘fun’ activities for pupils out with school hours.

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Chairperson of FODS – Mrs Jenna Devlin

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Anything you buy from this website ensures extra cash for the school at no extra cost to the buyer. To get there from here, just click the link above, then just click on 'Support a good cause' on the menu, and then search for ‘Friends of Dalry School’ and click on ‘Support this cause.’ Once there you will either need to set up an account or sign in, and you can then shop on line knowing you are helping to support Dalry School.

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Kells School

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Kells is a small school with a hard working, dedicated staff. We currently have two composite classes in a modernised, well equipped building with extensive school grounds.


The Kells Chronicle

Kells School

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Carsphairn School

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Carsphairn Primary School is a single-teacher school situated in the attractive village of Carsphairn in the northern area of the Glenkens.


Carsphairn School

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The CatStrand, based in New Galloway, promotes a varied music, arts and exhibition programme. It also boasts up-to-date training and conference facilities, offers local information and a cafe, and runs regular computer classes and exercise classes. It is home to the CatStrand Cinema and there are plenty of things to do for both the younger and older members of our communities.

The CatStrand has hosted events for pupils from Dalry School, and once a year has a week long display of National 4 and 5 Art work produced by the Secondary Pupils.

The CatStrand also runs a project called the “Glenkens Transport Initiative (GTI).” Dalry School has several of its staff members trained as drivers by GTI, and so is able to hire and make use of the mini buses when needing to transport a small number of pupils to various events and activities throughout the school year.


Community Learning and Development

Community learning and development (CLD) is a way of working with people in their communities, either in a group or on an individual basis. Further information on CLD within Dumfries & Galloway can be found at: Community Learning & Development

The two key national drivers for Community Learning & Development (CLD) are:

1. The statutory Requirements for Community Planning: Community Learning and Development (Scotland) Regulations 2013

2. Strategic Guidance for Community Planning Partnerships : Community Learning and Development

The service empowers people, individually and collectively, to make positive changes in their lives and their communities.

The Scottish Government’s National Performance Framework sets out the specific focus for CLD as follows:-

Improved life chances for people of all ages, through learning, personal development and active citizenship;

Stronger, more resilient supportive, influential and inclusive communities

Education Scotland Community Learning & Development Link

Support Officers

Where support is needed:

Early Level Family Support Officers (ELFSOs) provide a link between home and school, working with children between the ages of two to seven years old (Early Years to P2)

Opportunities for All Officers (OfAOs) provide a link between home and school, working with children in the age range P5 to S3.

If a P3/4 child was in need of support the area manager would pass the request for assistance to the service that would be best placed to meet the child's needs.


Social Services

Social Work Services provide advice, support, care and protection to children and families, vulnerable adults and older people. The department also contributes to community safety through work with people who have offended.

Link to Council Social Services Information

Emergency phone number – 01557 339260


Business Links

Formal and informal links with business and the World of Work are important for young people as they develop a better understanding of the links between education and work.

Schools in the Glenkens Cluster welcome links with their business community and there are a number of mutually beneficial ways in which we can interact.

If you are a local business, the Cluster Headteacher would welcome contact from you to explore how these possibilities can be developed.

Business Link Partner in progress -

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Pupil Parent Support Unit

The Pupil/ Parent Support Unit is there to help parents and pupils. They can be contacted on the number shown below regarding any aspect of Free School Meals/Clothing Grants, Education Maintenance Allowance, School Transport, Home Education, Parent Council administration, school transfers and enrolment, school catchment areas, performance licences, insurance matters and financial support for those pupils entering higher education.

(01387) 260493 - Pupil Support Unit

Link to Council Parental Support Page